Edi Köhldorfer

Vienna-based Austrian guitarist


EK 3 Photosession

Camera wizard Thomas Lieser took us to the Danube and made some great pictures! Here’s on of it. You’ll see more soon. Yesterday we had a video-shooting at Beardy Mountain Studio. More of that in March, right before the release…

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EK 3 – Hover

What an exciting new year! My new CD “Edi Köhldorfer Trio – Hover” will be released on April 5th! I can barely wait for it. With my new EK3 line-up (Martin Heinzle – bass, Harry Tanschek – drums) and Gina…

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Kleine Winterreise

I’m looking forward to the little winter trip with Stefan Sterzinger and Jörg Mikula. 🤩 Come by if you’re nearby! 11.1 A-Vienna – Central Garden12.1 A-Klagenfurt – Villa for Forest13.1 A-Wörgl – Zone14.1 D-Fürth – Badgasse15.1 D-Darmstadt – DAZZ16.1 D-Munich…

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OE1 Kunstsonntag

Stefan Sterzinger, Edi Köhldorfer und Jörg Mikula im Studio 2 des Wiener Funkhauses Listen here Ein In-memoriam-Programm für die Wiener Dichterin Elfriede Gerstl (1932-2009) mit dem Titel “Leise im Kreise” wird heute geboten, erdacht und ausgeführt vom Wiener Sänger-Akkordeonisten Stefan…

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