Happy new year!!!!!!

Dear friends, I hope you arrived well and safe in 2023 and wish you a healthy, successful, happy New Year! I had a wonderful vacation and now that I’m done with Covid too, I’m looking forward to new projects, CD productions and many, many concerts in the new year.

What’s coming up? On Sunday I play with the great violinist and violist Mario Gheorghiou and bass ace Martin Heinzle in Linz. The week after there will be another live recording with Stefan Sterzinger (in a new line-up) for OE1. The broadcasting date will be announced soon. On January 20th I’ll be guest of Christian Bakonyi at “OE1 Jazznight” and talk about my actual CD “The Riddance”, The KUH Trio and future projects. Sterzinger V will perform at the Porgy & Bess on February 19th. At the beginning of February I play another performance of “Tschick” at the State Opera. Before, after and in between I am working intensively on the new CD “Fish & Fowl” which will be released at the end of March. This production will be about the juxtaposition of improvised music and electronic. Among others Gerald Preinfalk, Lorenz Raab, Ivar Roban Krizic, Lukas König will be part of it. It’s heavy stuff guys and I’m having a hell of a time working on it!!!!

So: stay tuned there will be a lot flying around your ears in the upcoming year:)

(photo credit: T. Lieser)